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Free advice and quotations

We're always happy to discuss your requirements with you. For free advice and quotations please get in touch by telephone or email.

We endeavour to reply to all emails within 24-48 hours, often much sooner, we look forward too hearing from you.

Competitive prices

We believe our thatching prices are very competitive. If you are looking for a fully costed and accurate thatching price we can only provide this after one of the following:

  • Visiting and inspecting the roof - Free for Thatch Owners within the UK
  • Receiving scaled drawings
  • Receiving photographs of all areas of the roof with some idea of linear measurements from yourself.

We appreciate that Thatchers' details can easily be obtained from the internet. However we will not give out estimates or approximate square metre prices which you may use to compare with other prices you have received.

We believe such estimates will rarely be based on like for like specifications and as such will be too vague for yourselves and us to work with and therefore choosing the cheapest price by this method is a mistaken way for you to proceed.